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International Wine Challenge :

Chateau des Arnauds 2010 : silver medal in 2013 for a well-balanced wine with a wonderful harmony of fruit, spice and wood.
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Guide Hachette 2013 :

In 2011, the young generation, represented by Sébastien and Jérôme Godineau, took over the commands of the 14.5 Ha vines property. They enter the Guide with two wines both granted with a star.

Chateau des Arnauds 2009 : It is distinguished by its dark, slightly elaborate colour, and a pleasant, ample violet, ripe berries and buttery woodsy aroma. The sensations in the mouth, tasty, supple and fresh, carry on the attack’s impressions. This is a rich wine, with fine tannins, to be kept a dozen years and enjoyed with poultry.

Cuvée des Capucins 2009 : born on a more gravelly soil, it looks more on the stern side, though remaining elegant with delicate aromas of prune and cherry stones, light woodsy aroma and dense tannins. A wine to be kept from 5 to 10 years.

Guide Dussert-Gerber :

Chateau des Arnauds Lalande de Pomerol 2009, of an intense colour, ample and with a redcurrant and humus fragrance, is a structured wine, strong and long-lasting in the mouth.

Flavours From France :

Chateau des arnauds 2010 : mark 89/100

Fine grenade colour, clear and shiny with a good intensity, finely napping the glass. The pleasant and lively aroma gives way to a fruity nature, with cherry, red and black berry, strawberry, blackberry and blueberry touches. The smell evokes sweet spices and woodsy balsamic notes. The attack is ample, structured and fragrant. It becomes richer with delicacy and roundness. The whole taste is elegant with a woodsy touch quite distinct but leaving the harmony and suppleness of a long, spicy finish.