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The Chateau des Arnauds is an old family property passed on from father to son for more than four generations.
As early as 1914, Jacques Arnauds started to purchase a few parcels in the Lalande de Pomerol municipality. He quickly realised how much potential there was in that name. Thanks to his knowledge of the « terroir », all through the years, he bought the parcels that now make up the property.

Pierre Godineau, Miss Andrée Arnauds’ husband, took on the family property in 1958. In 1972, Pierre began the marketing of bottled wine.

The farm corporation of The Chateau des Arnauds was born in 1993 after Pierre Godineau died, managed by one of his sons who carried on the traditional work.

After 18 years of management, Philippe’s son Sébastien took over the commands with his uncle Bernard.

Today they dedicate themselves to keep up high standards and make sure that the property lives up to one’s expectations.